Jan 24, 2009

Voucher types

Accounts Information - Voucher Types - Introduction

A voucher is the primary online document for recording transactions. Transaction recording and analysis are greatly facilitated by having specific formats for different types of transactions. Tally provides 16 different predefined voucher formats or what it calls predefined types of vouchers. These are used for recording various transactions. A payment voucher is used for all types of payments, a receipt voucher for all types of money receipts, a sales voucher for recording sales transactions, and so on.

These predefined vouchers fulfil your normal transaction needs. They pertain to both accounting and inventory. Some of these vouchers can also be used differently according to the situation, e.g., sales vouchers can be used as invoices, vouchers can be post-dated, etc. Such use can be decided at the time of voucher entry by selecting the appropriate button.

The predefined voucher types can be displayed as follows:

Gateway of Tally > Inventory info > Voucher Types > Display

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dawit said...

Dear Sir,

In which voucher type can i post Lost/short shiped Items?

Thank you!!