Jan 29, 2009

Sales Entry (F8)

When a sales transaction takes place, a document, detailing the transaction (item name, tax, etc) has to be given to the buyer (debtor) as proof of purchase by him. This document is called "Invoice" or "Bill" or "Cash Memo". The practice of issuing an Invoice, which is in vogue, is available in Tally.

Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > selecting F8, Tally displays the Sales Invoice screen. The Invoice mode is default. To enter details of sale transactions – use Tally's Sales entry (F8 – in Accounting Vouchers).

Sales entries can be made in the Voucher as well as Invoice Formats.

Invoicing or sales invoicing is not very different from sales voucher entry. The advantage of using the invoice format for sales invoice entry is that, automatic calculations of taxes and duties (ledger accounts classified under the group 'Duties & Taxes') is possible.

The default Sales Invoice screen appears as:

Tally prompts for the Sales Ledger to be allocated to - at the beginning of the entry. There after, any number of stock items or account ledgers can be selected one after another – enabling faster data entry. This is possible as the option Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation in F12: Configure on the invoice entry screen is set to YES (by default)

There are two types of Invoices, namely,

Item Invoice > you can select ITEMS for invoicing

Account Invoice > you can select LEDGERS for invoicing

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Tally still is the best software i have used..i see this almost in all Indian stores..thanks a lot for this info!

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