Dec 15, 2008

Information technology and accounting

Information technology today is a critical success factor for designing accounting packages. The importance of information technology as an agent of accounting packages design has resulted from its effect on matrix of the organizational changes. The matrix includes business processes, organizational structure, organizational role and technology. These elements are often interrelated so that appropriate functioning of one element depends greatly on that of other elements.
Information technology has revised the reporting system. A new accounting, reporting and communication model has been established due to information technology. Dramatic transformations happened in the pattern of information quality such as timeliness, flexibility, versatility and adaptability. Information technology is a critical factor for achieving quality dimensions of accounting information.
Information technology has revised the reporting requirements of the accounting reporting system. A significant change has been in the nature, scope and presentation of the accounting reporting model .Also, information technology has elaborated the dimensions of accounting reporting model.
Information technology revolutionized the accounting knowledge and developed new accounting concepts and techniques to manage the accounting processes. A new type of accounting education integrating technology, connectivity and creativity contents into the accounting curriculum to provide the accountant with the required knowledge to seek and use information in a collaborative and creative way has evolved.
Information technology has positively impacted the pattern of the accounting processing system, e.g. , flexibility , smoothening , and functioning have been achieved due to information technology .
Information technology has brought positive changes in the style, scope and level of accounting control.
Smoothening, functioning, automation, processing control and flexibility of accounting process as design parameters for the accounting processing system had strong and medium correlation with information technology.
Information technology has substantially changed the nature of the financial accounting knowledge.
The accountant’s community is in a severe need to change the behavioral considerations, which affect acceptability of information technology such as feelings and attitudes toward a new processing technology. Adopting more positive and confident view in this regard is still needed.
Information technology has mode possible the concept of high quality accounting processing system whether by reducing processing errors or by improving timing and availability of accounting information.
The development of various accounting packages has been affected by using information technology through reducing the number of accountants and raising their technical and skill qualifications.

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