Dec 15, 2008

Accountant of Accountants

Dear friends ,
God is only one accountant in whole world who is accountant of accountants . So do not cheat any other person by your good accounting skills . It may be that your fraud can not get my Chartered accountant or auditor but when you go in the court of God , you can conceal his fraud . Because God is seeing everything . Every second he is recording or mistake and our fraud in his accounts .
It is true that his recording period is longer than any business financial year but when God tells your all cheating in your accounts , it is sure , you will feel wonder but you never save from his result and punishment .
So honest in your field of accounting .
God gives you an priceless skill in accounting so please use it for developing your nation , for developing your people .
Moreover , I want to tell you that just capturing some money by cheating in accounting is not the real aim .
You are accountant , Identify your self , you are the one person in whole organisation in which whole organisation's fund supply and demand on your true accounting reports . Why are you cheating in the accounting reports .
Try to leave your all demerits and weakness and bad habits and bad thinking before adopting this noble profession


masoo said...

for valaubale advice

I will abide by you brother

vicky said...

good msg. thanks all of you promoting this msg. we all should abide this by so we can change picture of nation

QUEEN said...

101% correct, everybody should try 100% to follow this principle - ragu

Anonymous said...

Its really a valuable Msg. Thanks a lot for this advice.

Unknown said...

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