Dec 18, 2008

Gateway of Tally of an "Accounts-with-Inventory" Company

The Gateway of Tally menu of an Accounts-with-Inventory company appears as:

The Gateway of Tally screen is separated into four sections, – Title Area, Main Area (Ctrl + M), Calculator Area (Ctrl + N)and the Button Bar.

Main Area
The left-hand side of the Main Area gives information of

Current Period – this is the currently loaded or selected company's accounting period.

Current Date – this is the date of the last Voucher Entry of the selected company (this is NOT the calendar date).

List of Selected Companies – This displays the name of the loaded or selected company.

Masters – for creation of Accounting Masters and Inventory Masters and Importing Master information.

Transactions / Vouchers - for creation of Accounting Vouchers and Inventory Vouchers and Importing transaction information.

Reports – for viewing and printing financial and inventory reports using the information given in Masters and Transactions.

Button Bar
The Button Bar area on this screen, displays the following buttons (keys):

Help (Alt + H) – to access Tally's online context-sensitive help

F1: Select Cmp – to select a company

F1: Shut Cmp – to shut or close the company

F2: Period – to change the period

F3: Cmp Info – to access the Company Information Menu

F11: Features – to access the Company features for a company

F12:Configure – to access the configuration settings to manage the information put into Tally.

Note: You cannot load more than one company at one time. The loaded or selected company will be shut first and then the other company is loaded.

1. Use the buttons on the right-hand side of the screen to Explore the Potential of Tally.
2. Press [Enter] wherever the cursor is placed to know the Depth of Tally!


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