Dec 18, 2008

Gateway of Tally of an "Accounts Only" Company

The Gateway of Tally menu of an Accounts Only company appears as:

The Gateway of Tally screen is separated into four sections, – Title Area, Main Area (Ctrl + M), Calculator Area (Ctrl + N) and the Button Bar.

Main Area
The left-hand side of the Main Area gives information of

Current Period – this is the currently loaded or selected company's accounting period.

Current Date – this is the date of the last Voucher Entry of the selected company (this is NOT the calendar date).

List of Selected Companies – This displays the name of the loaded or selected company.

Masters – for creation of Accounting Masters and Importing Master information

Transactions / Vouchers - for creation of Accounting Vouchers and Importing transaction information

Reports – for viewing and printing financial reports using the information given in Masters and Transactions.

Button Bar
The Button Bar area on this screen, displays the following buttons (keys):

Help (Alt + H) – to access Tally's online context-sensitive help

F1: Select Cmp – to select a company

F1: Shut Cmp – to shut or close the company

F2: Period – to change the period

F3: Cmp Info – to access the Company Information Menu

F11: Features – to access the Company features for a company

F12:Configure – to access the configuration settings to manage the information put into Tally.

Note: You cannot load more than one company at one time. The loaded or selected company will be shut first and then the other company is loaded.

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