Feb 6, 2009

Tally ODBC with Microsoft Excel

Tally ODBC extracts data from Tally and designs the reports in MS Excel. The steps to be followed are:

Start Tally and keep it open till the Mail Merge process is completed.

Ensure ODBC Server is displayed on Tally’s calculator pane.

Open MS Excel.

Click on Data > Get External Data > New Database Query from the Menu.

Select TallyODBC from the Choose Data Source dialog box.

The screen appears as:

Query Wizard displays fields from Tally. Select and click the “>” button to select fields required in your query.

The screen appears as:

Use the Filter Data dialog box to limit the data to suit your requirement.

Sort your data in ascending or descending order in the Sort Order dialog box.

Click on Finish to complete the Query process.

Click on OK from the Returning External Data to Microsoft Excel dialog box to display the selected columns on the Excel sheet.

The screen appears as:






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Naresh said...

I have tried to do this and for my tally version 1.51 with Office 2007 i get an error. As soon as i connect to tally i get an error and Tally gets closed. What could be the issue ?