Feb 11, 2009

Short cut keys in tally 9 & its use

The shortcut keys appear in button names in the button bar (right side of the Tally screen). You can either click the button from the button bar or press the relevant function key or character underlined/double-underlined.

The buttons have a function key before the button names ( Eg: F1: Select Cmp) which means you need to press F1 key (Function Key) to select the 'Select Company' screen

The buttons have an underlined character ( Eg: F3:Cmp Info), which means you need to press ALT + F3 to select the 'Company Info' screen.

Some buttons have a double-underlined character (Eg: As Voucher) which means you need to press CTRL + V to select the 'Voucher' in voucher mode.

The shortcut keys available in Tally are listed in the below slide show:


sainumon said...

hi iam sainu from jeddah.
i have a problem with tally..
i cant update my current date.
only 1st and 2nd date can enter and change...
any dtailed solution

sainumon said...

i cant change my current date anyway.
pls give a solution

suraj (xp) said...

hey dude i need complete set of shortcut keys used in tally9 for my examination..
i dont havv a tally software , can i get those , u can help me @ coldudesuraj007@gmail.com